A Pound is Better Than A Handshake

This item from RealGM:

Gasols Fist Pound“With the NBA fearful of the damage an H1N1 flu outbreak could create on the league, the league office has passed down an anti-handshake directive.

Players and coaches have been asked to greet each other via more sanitary means of contact, such as fist pounding.”

Yes, because it’s important that before sweating and breathing all over one another for 48 minutes, players try to be as careful as possible about passing on germs.

President Obama Fist Pounds KidAnd am I the only one who can see in some bizarre way the fist pound completely replacing the handshake as a way of greeting someone? When the President does it, it’s pretty much main stream. With people’s paranoia about germs, is this the beginning of the end of the handshake?

Then again, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. No more sweaty handshakes, limp handshakes, crushing handshakes. No more being judged on how hard you squeeze, how long you hold the shake and whether or not you let go first.

So does this mean that Stern and the other executives will be doing that? Mark my words, this is where it starts. Soon, you’ll be fist pounding your mother, who will be commenting on fist pounding etiquette. Speaking of which, I wonder what that will be…

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