Cleaning Up After The Fall Out

So Bosh is in Miami, LeBron is in New York, Miami or Cleveland, Amare is in New York, Boozer is in Chicago and Joe Johnson and Wade stayed with their teams. I haven’t seen so many big names switch teams since Tom Cruise’s annual Mardi Gras party. All that’s left to do now is clean up the mess.

Okay, the Raptors are officially one of the losers of the free agency period so far. Even though Chris Bosh is now among the pantheon of most hated ex-Raptors among fans, losing him was a very big blow for the franchise. It doesn’t mean the Raptors simply should slink back home licking it’s wounds.

Let's Make A DealWhile the Raptors aren’t going to get nearly as much for Bosh as some hoped (if anything at all), they can still try and take advantage of the situation. The Raptors aren’t the only team that have lost out. Both New Jersey and the Clippers had hoped they would be able to land a big name free agent, and that didn’t happen. Even Minnesota was hoping to land, at the very least, David Lee.

With the prospect of trying to actually compete thankfully dim, the focus, as I’ve said before, needs to be on the future. Teams like the Nets, Clippers and T-Wolves may very well be desperate enough to make a questionable deal that will help them immediately, giving fans the comfort in knowing that all was not lost. With Carmelo and Durant all but locked up, no one on the horizon has the allure of this free agent crop.

The first team the Raptors need to focus on are the Nets. With the third most amount of cap space, and nothing to show for it, they have to be hurting. The new Russian owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, has to be feeling like the fat kid at the prom, right now, wondering why no one will dance with him. Apparently Boozer didn’t even offer them a chance to match the offer from the Bulls, who were obviously higher on his list. Even David Lee looks like he might be going to Golden State, if rumours are correct. That’s got to sting. Now they have nearly $40 million in cap space and hardly anyone to spend it on. That’s less than $20 million in salaries. In other words, they need to start spending money just to reach the NBA minimum of $41 million.

Derrick Favors meets the rimSo with the Nets not apparently high on their third pick in the draft, Derrick Favors, for some unknown reason, it’s a good bet that he might still be available. Depending on how desperate the Nets are, would they be willing to trade him for Turkoglu? No, probably not. Maybe Turkoglu and Jack? Would they take on both Bargnani and Turkolgu and give up Favors and the Nets other first round pick, Damion James? That would be one hell of a salary dump for the Raptors, and a way for the Nets to compete for a playoff spot next year.  They’d still have enough left over to sign another free agent, believe it or not. That’s the great thing about having nearly $40 million in cap space available.

Losing nearly $20 in salary and getting two young studs in Favors and James would give the Raptors a head start in their rebuilding process.

There are also the Clippers, who delusionally believed they actually had a shot at LeBron. Now they are looking at overpaying guys like Mike Miller, who probably won’t want to sign, anyway. Do they want to start the season $25 million under the cap with their only small forward on the roster being Al-Farouq Aminu, a rookie. What they need is a veteran presence, and who better than….(drumroll, please)…Hedo Turkoglu?

It’s actually a perfect fit for both. The Clippers need a small forward who can initiate the offense since Baron Davis is more of a scoring guard than a point guard and Turkoglu needs to go somewhere he’s not hated. Hell, he might even help them get to the playoffs.

And if the Raptors can get Aminu out of the Clippers, it might very well be the best return the Raptors could even hope for.

Then, of course, there are the T-Wolves. Apparently spurned by David Lee, they apparently are looking for big men who don’t play defense, and what better guy than Andrea Bargnani? The T-Wolves are another team team that will be under the minimum salary cap if they don’t spend more money, and could simply absorb his contract, returning Ricky Rubio’s rights, of course.

So just because the Raptors have not done all that well so far, doesn’t mean they can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Or at least in a nice polyester knock off.

6 thoughts on “Cleaning Up After The Fall Out

  1. Dude. Those are some solid suggestions especially considering the trade exception that the Raps are negotiating hard for with Miami in play. That gives me some serious hope. Turkey and Calderon must look pretty good to the Wolves, Nets and Clips right now. Nice thinking.

    • hateslosing,

      Carmelo is signing an extension, from what I gather, as is Durant, so there won’t be anyone next summer who is going to be a great free agent. Tony Parker might be the biggest name.

      I doubt the Clippers would go for Turkoglu, but you never know.

      As for Rubio, it’s certainly a risk, but it’s a matter of buying low and selling high. Rubio was still a top five pick, though, so it’s highly doubtful they would trade Love and RUbio for Bargnani. Especially since Love is a better player than Bargnani. Bargnani for Rubio and Brewer might be good. Brewer can play both the 2 and 3 and is a very good defender.


      Hey, they were just suggestions to get people thinking and maybe looking on the bright side a little. There’s been far too much pessimism around Raptor land, so I wanted to lighten things up a little. I do think a couple of those deals have, at least, some possibility to them. As I said, you never know.

      Who knows what Colangelo is thinking. I like the signing of Kleiza because he’s young and is the type of player the Raptors need. He’s not a big impact guy, so it doesn’t necessarily mean the Raptors aren’t rebuilding. He’s only 25 and would be a good young piece to build with. Nothing Colangelo has done this offseason has shown that he ISN’T rebuilding, so I do hope he will see the same things that we do. This is the first time he’s gone into the offseason without Bosh, so rebuilding has never really been an option before.


      Thanks for the comment. Who knows whether any of those suggestions are the least bit realistic, but it might make people think and see that things can be done. The Nets just overpaid for Outlaw and are still way below the minimum, so they’ll probably be looking for some deals. With Carmelo and Durant off the market, as I said, there’s no saviour for next summer, so holding out for someone else might be pointless.

  2. Turkolgu and Bargnani for Favors and James? Not a big fan of James, but come on? Turkolgu for Aminu? It’s nice to hope Tim but you’re wise and reality will set in at some point. NO TEAM wants Turkolgu’s contract otherwise he would most likely be gone now. Colangelo has commented on not wanting an ‘exodus’ of talent in order not to be a bad team but the translation is “I can’t trade the horrible contract I gave him”

    If BC hasn’t realized this is clearly a rebuild now, Embry should be running the show.

    Even if there was remote interest from N.J (and I doubt there would be) for perhaps Bargnani’s contract you and I both know that Colangelo would never trade his pet. The amount of resources invested, placating, and pampering afforded to Bargnani has been staggering so why would BC pull the plug now?

    I like your optimism but we are stuck with a GM in between trying to preserve his reputation and an overrated roster with potential high lottery talent. We should be tanking for the next few years as the talent on this roster dictates and try to get younger, however Colangelo’s massive ego and effort to put the ‘best product on the court’ won’t allow it. Basketball purgatory.

  3. I think you’ll see Jersey get over the minimum and then tank again and try to get Melo next season, though if they were willing to deal Favours I definitely want in on that.

    Aminu for Turk is another great deal for us and makes a bit more sense from the Clips point of view, but I’m not sure they go for it since there may be better fits available in terms of trades.

    Not sure how I feel about Rubio, I know he’s supposed to be great and all, but I dislike trading a good payer in Bargs for a completely unproven commodity. You add Love to that deal though and I’m all for it. Actually I’d just take Bargs for Love.

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  5. Tim,

    Good read and interesting proposals….the Nets one is plausible however the rest are kind of out there despite your good rationale

    Keep up the good work on your site, I always enjoy your perpective

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