While the players still have to vote on and ratify the deal, it appears well finally have an NBA season. Hopefully.

After all the posturing and hard line stances on both sides, the details that are emerging for the deal arent radically different from the previous deal. All those great ideas people had about “fixing” the NBA are now moot. Personally, I would have loved to have seen some sort of a “franchise player” system that would prevent players from stacking their teams with superstars and make it harder for a franchise player to leave his original team, but the more I read about the new agreement the more fair it seems for both sides.

The comment by one veteran player that the players “caved” doesn’t make an ounce of sense. But the players who have been the most vocal recently during the lockout have seemed like the least grounded in reality. The owners gave up far more for this deal than I would have guessed they were going to. Saying no to the deal would have benefitted a small minority of players and really hurt a lot of players who simply could never have made up the money they would have lost had they not played the season.

As a fan, the thing that works best is that is allows them to play basketball again.

So whats next?

Since I don’t know all the particulars, yet, I can’t comment on everything, but I do know there are still a few issues yet to be worked out. The so-called B issues. One of which is the age limit for players entering the draft. Apparently the NBA would like to see it raised, something the Players Association is mixed on. Personally, I would like to see it raised to 20, like the NBA does, but as a Raptor fan, I’d like to see them hold off on that for at least a year. Why? This guy…

It’s a little early to be looking towards the draft as well as crowning anyone the #1 pick, but right now I’m VERY big on Anthony Davis. Davis plays the way I would have at that age were I a foot taller. And it’s not surprising since Davis used to be a 6’3 PG until he went on a growth spurt in his junior year and grew eight inches. I’m going to discuss him more in the future, but one of the things that jumps out at me is his passing ability. He sees the floor like a PG because he was one, but he’s now 6’10 and throwing Walton-esque outlet passes.

If the age limit went up, then Davis would be prevented from entering the draft until 2013, when the Raptors should hopefully be trying to vie for the playoffs.

One argument that keeps coming up of why the players would allow a raised age limit doesn’t pass the logic test for me. Michael McCann recently wrote in Sport Illustrated

The union will probably compromise this time around as well since, A) raising the limit would only directly impact those players not yet in the union and thus those who have no voice and; B) a higher limit would mean that more veterans keep their jobs every year. Still, there are many NBA players who believe firmly in not raising the age restriction and this is not an easy issue to resolve over a weekend.

It’s B) that I have a problem with. Maybe someone could explain to me how having older players entering the league would allow more veterans to keep their job? It’s not as if there will be fewer players being drafted. And they’ll still be about the same amount of undrafted players vying for roster spots. The ONLY difference is many of those players will be more polished and more ready to contribute than if they’d come out a year earlier.

Now it could be true that NEXT year there will be less competition for roster spots because the pool will suddenly shrink, but by the year after everything will have balanced out. You’ll still get the same amount of players entering the draft, it will just be compressed into sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Well, without know any more, there’s not much more I can say, but when I find out more I’ll post more thoughts on the deal.

So if the lockout really is over, you can all be satisfied to know I will be posting on a more semi-regular basis.

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