Ladies and Gentlemen….REGGIE EVANS!!!!!!

After ESPN picked Philadelphia to finish higher in the standings than the Raptors, in their preseason predictions, many Raptor fans might be feeling a sense of satisfaction with where the Raptors (and Sixers) are just before the break.

I, on the other hand, did not have a lot of optimism about the season the Sixers were about to have. Yes, Elton Brand looked like he was actually going to be healthy, and Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams and Marreese Speights were young players that were poised to get even better. Plus, they pushed the eventual Eastern Conference Champions, the Magic, to 6 hard fought games in the playoffs last spring AND they were able to grab projected lottery pick, Jrue Holiday late in the first round.

The main reason I wasn’t optimistic about the Sixers season was because of the fact they had no real piint guard on the roster. Andre Miller, who has been underappreciated at just about every stop, left to sign with the Blazers, and that means running the team was left to Lou Williams, who is a shoot first point guard (his second choice is shooting, as well), and rookie Jrue Holiday, who struggled mightily in his first season at UCLA and who also is not a pass first PG.

Through much time and thought, I have realized, that I was in fact wrong. No, the Sixers are about where I figured they’d be, but it wasn’t their PG play. The REAL reason the Sixers have not done well this season can be traced back to that fateful day in June when they traded their most important player away.

The MessiahYes, that’s right, I’m talking about Reggie Evans.

Sure, he only averaged 14 mpg during the season, but Reggie Evans is about to become the most important player in Raptors HISTORY!

No one player has personified the hope and dreams that Raptor fans inject into marginal players, like Roko Ukic, Pops and Kris Humphries.

We are all indeed, truly blessed.

[Yes, I’m aware I said that my next post would be a look back at my predictions. That will come tomorrow or Thursday]

By the way, how many fans/bloggers/writers are going to bring up how good the Raptors would be if Igoudala were on the roster tonight Wednesday. Can’t say I disagree.

3 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen….REGGIE EVANS!!!!!!

  1. Tim,
    Think your wrong here.
    Reggie is itching to play and he’s gonna bring it every night. Might get a bit clumsy at times but I expect the team to get a lift from him, in his 8-15 minutes a night.
    Just watching him on the bench first fifty games he is already in my top 10 alltime Raptors.
    Team lacks toughness and heart. We got scorers and playmakers. Reggie might be the 10th most talented on the floor but he is not being outworked.

  2. You disagree that Reggie is going to make the Raptors contenders???

    Seriously, though, it’s not as if I don’t think that Reggie won’ have a positive impact, but I just think people are expecting too much of him.

    I give it a month before people start griping about his inability to pass and penchant for forcing shots. Still I’m happy he is on the team and glad he’s finally going to get into the game. It reminds me a little of the scene in Good Will Hunting….

    So Christ, call her up.

    Why? So I can realize she’s not so smart. That she’s boring. You don’t get it. Right now she’s perfect, I don’t want to ruin that.

    And right now you’re perfect too. Maybe you don’t want to ruin that.

    Right now, Reggie is perfect.

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