Slow News Day #2

From around the web…

Rambis Doesn’t Regret Taking Job In Minnesota

I love these types of headlines from This is news, apparently. What would really be news is if Rambis said he regretted taking the job, thinks he made a bad choice, hates his players and wishes he was back on the bench with the Lakers.

Houston Willing to Deal for Bosh

Well, that’s nice of them. I guess if they’re backed in a corner, they’ll agree to take on one of the best power forwards in the game. I wonder if they’re also willing to deal for LeBron and Kobe?

Speaking of dealing for Bosh, why is there suddenly renewed interest in the press in trading Bosh? Wouldn’t the Raptors recent play kind of nip this kind of talk in the bud? You’d think the fact that the Raptors are 7-3 in the last 10 games and 10-5 in the last 15 might make the American press think that maybe there might be a reason for Bosh to re-sign.

Don’t be ridiculous.

More Comedy from the World of Gilbert

It’s not actually from Arenas, this time, but I was reading an article from the Washington Post, and stumbled upon two quotes I had to pass on. The first is an on the street interview with a fan about the Gilbert Arenas scandal¹ with a `regular fan’.

“Gil needs to be serious,” said Tommie Williams, who was on his way to a pretrial drug test at D.C. Superior Court. (“Coke charge,” he shrugged.) “Guns — that’s a serious offense in D.C. He’s gonna find out. Honestly, he know better.”

Oh, this is good, and I find it disturbing that the Post writer didn’t have a field day with this quote. Then again, why leave it in unless for comedy. I don’t know even how to add to it. Its perfect all by itself.

Then they interviewed a councilman who seemed have his priorities a bit off…

Councilman Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) was far more pointed. “It was bad enough what he did with the gun, but it was absolutely beyond any good judgment to point his fingers at his teammates and use them as a gun,” Evans said. “The bad judgment exercised by him at that point in time is just unbelievable. I think he should have been suspended, and frankly he could find himself out of the NBA for life. It harms our city, and it’s a terrible role model for our youth. So Gilbert’s got to get his act together.”

So, bringing a gun into your workplace and taking it out during an argument is one thing, but pretending your hand is a gun is crossing the line. This guy obviously doesn’t have any kids.

1. Can we call it a scandal? Or does there have to be sex or money involved for that? Well, there was money involved, so if it comes out that Arenas and Crittenton were lovers would that then bring this into a scandalous level?

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