So What Have I Missed?

Yes, I’ve been reticent in posting lately. In fact, I just realized it’s been just about a month since my last post. I do apologize, but my life has been so hectic lately that the thought of taking time to post something new was far too daunting. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even been able to watch many of the Raptor games, or at least an entire game. Usually, I’ve been able to watch only a couple of quarters.

So what brought me back? Well, I’m still incredibly busy, but when I went to RealGM, this morning, and read about Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton pulling guns on each other in the Wizards locker room(!!!??), I had to comment. And over a gambling debt. I couldn’t believe it the first time I read it. How unbelievably stupid could you be??? Well, I guess that stupid.

“This is unprecedented in the history of sports,” said Player’s Association Executive Director Billy Hunter. “I’ve never heard of players pulling guns on each other in a locker room.”

What does it say when Billy Hunter, who has defended the most inane behaviour from NBA players, hangs you out to dry? This whole gun culture is beyond me, but to pull a gun on a teammate because he accused you of not paying your gambling debt is absolutely astounding. Doesn’t Arenas make $16 million a season? Wouldn’t simply paying his debt be better than brandishing a firearm at your workplace? Instead of Agent Zero, can Arenas’ new nickname be Postal?

Gilbert "Postal" Arenas

Gilbert "Postal" Arenas

Now I read that Gilbert may sue the New York Post because “That’s not the whole story.”

Blogger’s Note: The above quote is from Twitter (which I hate and don’t follow, but read second hand), but I have no idea how attribute it since there is no link to it, to my knowledge.

Gilbert is apparently a betting man, so I would like to know what he think the over/under will be for him being traded away from the Washington Wizards. Maybe they should change their name back to the Bullets. They’d have the most fitting nickname in the league.

Now, I’m not giving a free pass to Crittenton. Arenas is talented enough that he’ll still find a job after this. NBA teams are pretty forgiving to stupid players, unless you take drugs or sell stolen cell phones. That is if you have talent. Crittenton is not in that category. He’s on his third team in three years, has a 5 ppg career average and hasn’t played a minute this season. Any guesses on what European country he’ll be playing in when his contract expires?


It’s been a month since my last post, and since then, the Raptors have gone 9-4 since then. How times have changed. And what a lack of surprise that is for me. One of the common themes of my posts has been patience. In my pre-season predictions, I said the Raptors would struggle in November, and then start to turn things around by Christmas. They’re actually ahead of schedule. I didn’t predict they would be flirting with .500 until the middle of January.

Of course, with a tough schedule coming up, it might take them a little longer to actually reach .500. Boston is their next opponent, and then San Antonio and Orlando. To me, the toughest game will be against San Antonio. They’re on a roll, the Raptors don’t matchup well against them and Toronto will be on the second night of a back-to-back.

On the other hand, Boston might very well be missing Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and have lost three in a row. They might be ripe for another loss.

My next post, whenever that might be, is going to deal with Calderon and all the calls for the Raptors to trade him. Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “So What Have I Missed?

  1. While I disagree generally with your thinking Bargnani should be traded (re your last comment on RR) – I just don’t get it, but … as a ‘Bargnani fan’, I also accept that we all mostly see what we want to see – I find your comments and observations to be sound and actually quite smart. And I enjoy reading them. Just wanted to say.

    • Thanks for the compliment. It’s always nice to get them.

      As for Bargnani, the main reason I see him being traded is that he simply is a bad fit on the current roster. You can’t have two players on the same starting front line who share the exact same weaknesses- defense and rebounding. It creates far too much of a strain on the rest of the team, especially when both those player play more than 32 mpg. And with Bargnani’s lack of rebounding and defense, you absolutely need a big time rebounder and defender playing beside him to compensate. Bosh is a great rebounder, and an above average defender, but he’s not going to make any All-Defensive teams. There’s a reason Triano takes Bargnani out on defense in close games.

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