That’s Gotta Hurt!

OuchThe question is how much. As of writing this, all I know is that Bosh had a “maxilla and nasal fracture to the right side of his face” and stayed in Cleveland overnight for observation. Personally, it doesn’t sound good and it certainly didn’t look good. And it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Well, maybe it could have. We’ll get to that later.

As for the game, I couldn’t watch the whole thing, but they did seem to play better than you’d expect with Bosh going down. But they still lost. And it was still against a team that, at this point, has very little to play for.

Probably not the best sign.

Now, what exactly does the injury to Bosh mean to the Raptors. If we look back at what at the Raptors record without Bosh this year, it’s 3-4, but those three wins came against New Jersey, Washington and New York. Not exactly difficult games if you’re supposed to be a playoff team. They didn’t win against any team above .500. In fact they didn’t win against any team above .350.

What’s worse that their record is how the team actually played. As I said in an earlier post, no one stepped up. I didn’t get in statistics, but in games where Bosh played 2 minutes or less, Bargnani is averaging 13.1 ppg on .419 shooting and 4.9 rpg. All well below is seasonal averages. For the Raptors second leading scorer and the man many are depending on to step into the lead role if Bosh leaves, that’s not a good sign. Simply put, he can’t lay without Bosh because he gets most of his points off of Bosh’s play. With the defense focusing on Bosh, Bargnani is a 7 foot, ten million dollar pylon.

And Turkoglu isn’t much better. While he did have some good games without Bosh, he did little against Cleveland. The only real Raptors who played well after Bosh went down were Jack and Amir. Two bench players. I’m not exactly sure what that even means.

Of course, the bigger question is whether this kills the Raptors playoff chances.

On the plus side, Chicago lost again in a game they really should have won against a Bucks team who also lost their best player to injury.

The Raptors (38-38) have five games left: Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and New York. Without Bosh, it’s difficult to believe they have any chance against Boston or Atlanta. And I don’t see them beating Chicago, either. Even without Bosh, Detroit and New York are very winnable, so let’s realistically give them a final record of 40-42, with the Raptors getting the tie breaker against Chicago.

Chicago (37-39) has Cleveland, New Jersey, Toronto, Boston and Charlotte left on their schedule. Unless the Cavs give James the game off, it’s hard to imagine the Bulls beating them. New Jersey has actually been on a bit of a tear (for them), but Chicago simply has more to play for, so that should be a win for the Bulls. I already gave them the win against Toronto, and the last two games are against Boston and Charlotte. If the Raptors finish the season 2-3, as I predict, then the Bulls have to go 4-1 for the last five games, and finish the season at 41-41, in order to make the playoffs. That means beating Boston and Charlotte.

Now, anything is possible, but even without Bosh, the Raptors still look like they’ll be making the playoffs.

Without Bosh, however, will anyone even care?

Let’s hope he makes it back, should the Raptors make the playoffs.

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