Well, That Can’t Be Good

So the Bulls, who had lost to the Nets just a few days before, beat the full-strength Celtics in a game they needed to win.  So it all comes down to Wednesday night. If the Raptors lose against the Knicks, they’re out, plain and simple. If The Raptors win, and the Bulls lose against Charlotte, then the Raptors sneak into the playoffs. Amazing that you go 81 games and it all comes down to the last one.

Will the Bulls playing a back-to-back game hurt them? Can Rose repeat his dominating performance? Will Larry Brown stay true to his word and make a game of it against the Bulls?


Was anyone else surprised to find out that Larry Brown will be looking for a new address next season (or at least likely will)? Generally, when an owner gives permission for a coach to look elsewhere, he’s gone. Despite Brown being a basketball gypsy, I kind of felt that he was in Charlotte for the long haul. Now, apparently, he’s not.

It did cross my mind WHY he’s decided to leave.

And if it’s a choice between the Sixers and Clippers, then I’d stay there UNLESS Donald Sterling sells the team. Philly is not in a good position, and any team owned by Sterling has no karmic chance in hell of not being a disaster.

I joked with a friend a few weeks ago that, after watching Jordan be so involved on the sidelines, I can see Jordan taking over as coach when Brown leaves. It’s the only thing he hasn’t done. Is there any rule against it? Am I the only one who sees that coming?


I read that Shaq lost 20 points while out with his injury. So THAT’S what it finally took for him to lose weight? Have him break his hand? You think Phil Jackson, who pleaded with Shaq for years to lose weight, shook his head after reading that?

Shaq did get what he seems to want so often, and that’s time off during the season. The guy doesn’t even seem to want to play anymore, and I don’t think he’s ever really had a love for the game. I think the only reason he stays in the league (apart from the money) is the attention he gets. Has any player ever craved more attention than Shaq does?


Did we really have to have news that Jason Kapono would be picking up his player option for next season, where he’ll be making somewhere in the vicinity of $60 billion dollars? Why don’t we get headlines like “Sun likely to rise in East tomorrow!”?

In similar news, and proving once again that the majority of players care more about money than basketball, TJ Ford is not opting out of his contract, despite falling out of the rotation for a good portion of the season. Instead of looking for a better basketball situation, where he might be more valuable, Ford decides to take the money. Why am I not shocked?


Darko Milicic, who at one point in the season, actually had his plane tickets back to Euroleague booked, has softened his stance, and stated that he and Al Jefferson work very well together and make each other better. What does this mean for Kevin Love, who started coming off the bench after Milicic came to town. Am I the only one who would rather have Kevin Love and his rebounding and high basketball IQ than either of those two guys? You think Colangelo can get him? Please?

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